In this new norm we now live in, everyone needs to have their own space. Whether it’s for work, school, or for some relaxation and entertainment, having your own living space is a tested and proven method that can easily boost your creativity and overall productivity.

But one might ask, “What if I don’t have an extra room inside my house? Where else do I build my awesome gaming studio or office space?” We provide 3 essential tips that will help you build and design your much-needed dream studio.

Tip #1: Know Your Design Peg

First of all, anyone who has ever built and designed their dream studio started with a design peg so you should get one for yourself.

A design peg gives you an idea of what the design for your own backyard living space should look like. More often than not, people look for inspiration on social media websites like Pinterest and Instagram. There, they can take a look at samples from successful home designers and lifestyle influencers.

People with a little more experience need expert consultations for their design peg.

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Of course, looking for a design that suits you will take some patience but once you have the right idea, outdoor design specialists like Hyland Landscapes can bring your conceptual vision to life.  In fact, you might want to check these popular design style trends out:

Minimalist Design: From the word “minimal”, this type of design style requires only a minimal number of elements, and even colors, inside a space. Minimalist designs also create an atmosphere of relaxation and clarity, since the elements that are being used in this style are not too elaborate.

Modern Design: This design style involves the use of mixing different design elements like metal and wood. It gives off a cozy and warm ambiance, and can make a space much more affluent & luxurious.

Industrial Design: Quite similar to minimalism, industrial designs incorporate the use of cement or concrete finishing, and metals to expose the interiors. Industrial designs are also said to appeal more masculinely and mature the eyes of people.

Tip #2: Convert Your Backyard To An Affluent Living Space

Backyards don’t need to be boring! Huge spaces like backyards can be turned into an enjoyable backyard studio or living space

Your backyard studio design can reflect your personality, lifestyle, or anything that describes you!

People who have converted their backyards into living spaces often opt for their private pool, spa, and backyard lounge areas as well.

For those who are working from home, their backyards are converted to quiet office spaces that have provided them with a more breathable and productive creative space. For families who have students still, their backyards have been made into study rooms.

But if you just want to have a space where you can relax and unwind, you can have your backyard entertainment center, a music studio, or a bar.

The ideas are truly limitless and the designers at Hyland Landscapes invite you to create your own canvas.

With the help and proper guidance of a professional landscape designer that also offers an outdoor design living design-build service, you can be one step closer to having your dream backyard.

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Tip #3: Talk To An Outdoor Living Space Designer

Consulting and partnering up with a landscape design company that also specializes in outdoor living design-build can help you turn your dreams into a reality! 

We know that being decisive about what kind of backyard you should have can be hard at times and being able to come up with several design pegs can be a bit overwhelming, Our design team at Hyland Landscapes can help you see a clearer vision of what and how your backyard studio will look like while still considering your conceptual ideas.

Leap closer to your dream backyard living space by booking a consultation with us. Connect with Hyland Landscapes, outdoor living design-build, and landscape designing specialists!