What are the different landscaping services?2021-11-30T11:30:43+00:00

A landscaper’s goal is to make your yard look like a piece of art, stopping passers-by to enjoy the natural beauty. Many landscaping businesses also specialize in adding aesthetic value to a property to suit the style and the unique characteristics of a home or business. A landscaping professional can also help create outdoor spaces that are functional and reflect a client’s values and lifestyle. Furthermore, some companies offer Design-Build services that offer complete landscaping design. These companies specialize in transforming outdoor spaces into beautiful havens that blend in with the client’s style. These services include outdoor kitchen design and installation, complete yard renovation, patio design, soft scaping, specialty garden maintenance, and much more! These companies are also adept in building decks, pergolas, fire pits, outdoor kitchen, pools, etc.

What is the difference between landscaping and gardening?2021-11-10T11:28:50+00:00

Both landscaping and gardening entail design, planning, and upkeep, while gardening typically focuses solely on the plants in a space. The landscape refers to the entire area in which the plants are found.

Can landscaping hide utility boxes?2021-11-10T11:29:25+00:00

Yes. Using mobile or temporary covers – either around the entire unit or just one access place – is the easiest approach to hide a utility box in your yard. The following are some ideas to consider: use plants in pots, a trellis, a screen, or a fence are all examples of trellises.

What kind of landscaping can prevent flooding?2021-11-10T11:29:54+00:00

A swale is a trench or dip constructed at the bottom of a hill to divert water away. If your yard has high and low areas where water collects, installing a sloped swale to direct the water down and away from your house will help you avoid basement flooding and water damage repair.

What landscaping tips are best for beginners?2021-11-10T11:30:20+00:00

Consider these seven easy-to-follow tips and you’ll be on your way to creating a beautiful landscape. Assess your yard, live in it, keep it simple, incorporate the views beyond your yard by strategically placing trees to frame existing views, work with plants you love that match your area, and embrace change as it comes.

Why is landscaping important?2021-11-10T11:30:51+00:00

Landscaping is important because it can make your home more welcoming, improve its curb appeal, helps you connect with nature, creates an area for relaxation, and increases the resale value of your home.

Where can you buy landscaping rocks?2021-11-10T11:31:29+00:00

You can buy these at your local landscaping supply store.

What can landscaping do for your property?2021-11-10T11:31:54+00:00

A home with well-kept landscaping has a big price advantage over one without. Depending on the type of landscaping and the home’s original worth, this benefit ranges from 5.5 percent to 12.7 percent. On a $300,000 home, this corresponds to an additional $16,500 to $38,100 in value. However, landscaping entails more than just putting some flowers and plants in the ground. The most important feature in landscaping for consumers is a well-kept appearance. Plant size and maturity come in second and third, respectively. The diversity of plant life within the landscaping design is a lower factor, but it is still worth considering.

Does landscaping increase property value?2021-11-10T11:32:21+00:00

According to research, landscaping not only improves curb appeal but also boosts the value of real estate properties by up to 15%.

Does landscaping help in pollution control?2021-11-10T11:32:55+00:00

Yes. Landscaping aids in the purification of the air. Plants both purify the air and the soil. Pollutants such as smoke, ozone, and nitrogen oxides are absorbed by tree leaves (and the leaves of other plants) and filtered out of the air. More gardening in cities can help to filter dirty air.

Can landscaping be done in winter?2021-11-10T11:33:25+00:00

Yes, there is a resounding “yes” to this question. Landscaping may be done in the winter if you have the necessary knowledge, abilities, and equipment.

Are landscaping costs capitalized?2021-11-10T11:33:58+00:00

Landscaping costs are not capitalized to the cost of land because they are considered a land improvement. There’s a distinction to be made between land and land improvements. Although land costs can be capitalized, it cannot be discounted.

What are the best ideas for winter landscaping?2021-12-01T06:50:29+00:00

Winter landscapes provide a plethora of opportunity to bundle up and get out and about in the yard. Stock your yard with winter plants to guarantee that you have an outside show all year long. These plants add color, texture, and sculptural appeal to a winter environment while also providing a focal point. In addition to evergreens, use a variety of eye-catching trees in your winter landscape. Coral bark is a type of tree that grows on coral reefs. Autumnal interest is provided by the bark of Japanese maple (Acer palmatum ‘Sango-kaku’) and Japanese flowering cherry (Prunus x yedoensis), both of which are ornamental trees. Winter shrubs can also be used to brighten up gloomy scenes by adding a splash of color. Make room in your winter landscape for hollies, which are known for their evergreen leaves and vividly colorful berries.

What do landscapers do in the winter?2021-12-01T06:49:43+00:00

Snow removal is the most common type of off-season job for landscape contractors. Adding a snow plow to the front of each truck and plowing parking lots and driveways isn’t that difficult, given that they already have the trucks for summer use. It’s an excellent opportunity to demonstrate the versatility of their landscaping company management software, demonstrating that software isn’t simply for the busiest months. And that it can still contribute to their ability to make a profit during the off-season.

How is snow plowing different from snow removal?2021-11-10T11:35:37+00:00

The terms “snow removal” and “snow plowing” are frequently interchanged. Many companies incorrectly use the terms interchangeably, although there is a significant distinction between the two. Snow removal entails clearing all of the snow from a property, rather than simply piling it up on roads and drives. To clean sidewalks, curbs, or locations where snow piles have formed from plowing, snow removal makes use of heavy machinery such as front-end loaders and dump trucks.

How is snow removal of driveways done?2021-11-10T11:36:07+00:00

Aside from using a shovel or a self-propelled snowblower, there are several methods that you can use to remove ice from your driveway. This includes treating the surface with a de-icer, pouring hot water on the snow, using a leaf blower, and installing a snow-melting system.

Can snow removal be done without insurance?2021-11-10T11:36:42+00:00

No. You retain liability insurance as a property owner to safeguard your assets from lawsuits in the case of an accident on your property. You should demand the same of all contractors who operate on your home or structure, especially those who work with heavy machinery on your property, such as snowplows, snow blowers, and salt spreaders.

Is using a skid steer better for snow removal?2021-11-10T11:37:16+00:00

A skid steer can apply more downward pressure on the bucket, plow, or pusher than a compact truck loader because of its four tires and less per-square-inch contact with the surface below. This helps remove more snow and ice on the first pass by providing superior scraping motion along the surface.

Is snow removal using a tractor more efficient?2021-11-10T11:37:44+00:00

A tractor will clear snow more efficiently and effectively than an equivalent loader of similar size.

What is used for snow removal for a gravel driveway?2021-11-10T11:38:19+00:00

When it comes to clearing snow from a gravel driveway, snow blowers are the most efficient tools.

Why is snow removal important?2021-11-10T11:38:54+00:00

Injuries caused by slipping on wet snow are avoided by clearing the snow. It also stops vehicles from skidding when exiting the driveway.

What is the best snow removal equipment?2021-11-10T11:39:29+00:00

The best snow removal equipment include skid-steer loaders, all-wheel steer loaders, backhoe loaders, wheel loaders, and utility vehicles just to mention a few.

Is snow removal done using a machine?2021-11-10T11:40:02+00:00

Yes. Snow removal equipment should enable contractors to do a task swiftly and efficiently, allowing them to meet all contract requirements and cover all paths without missing any locations.

Is snow removal the landlord’s responsibility?2021-11-10T11:40:58+00:00

Snow and ice removal is the responsibility of both the landlord and the renter, according to the City of Vancouver. “Whether you are a property owner or tenant, you are responsible for clearing snow and ice from the full width of sidewalks around your residence and business,” says the city’s website.

However, according to provincial guidelines, it depends on what you rent. For example, in multi-unit buildings, “the landlord is responsible for cutting grass, shoveling snow” and other property maintenance, according to the Residential Tenancy Branch. If you rent a whole house, the tenant is “generally” responsible, but it depends on the terms of rental.

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