Spruce Up Your Outdoor Space with a Backyard Pergola

What is a backyard pergola? If the term sounds foreign, don’t be alarmed; you’re not alone as there are plenty of people who aren’t familiar with this outdoor structure. It’s easy to mix up pergolas and their counterparts because there are just so many different types of backyard enhancements designed to give residents shade and privacy. 

 In this article, we’ll take a brief look into what a pergola is and what its uses are so you can decide on whether you would like this outdoor feature in your backyard!

 What is a Pergola?

 A pergola is an outdoor structure made up of columns that bear a beam and a grid of beams and rafters. This roofing grid can either be held exposed or covered to provide a weather-protected area. Pergolas can stand alone or be connected to a structure.

 It is useful to compare and contrast the description of “pergola” with other outdoor constructions to which it is at times related to obtain a better understanding of it.

 A pergola is, in fact, not a:

  •  A gazebo, which is a closed-roof structure that is usually built on higher ground and features a low wall or railing around the perimeter.
  •  Arbor, which is a smaller version of a pergola that is typically utilized to border a pathway or gate entryway.
  •  Trellis, which is a latticework panel that is usually fastened to a wall, fence, or other structure.
  •  Pavilion, which is a roofed structure with open sides, similar to a gazebo.

 What is a Backyard Pergola Used For?

 Depending on the owner’s tastes, a pergola can be used for a multitude of reasons. While the typical pergola design features a lattice ceiling and no walls, you can customize it to achieve strategic goals. The four primary uses of these outdoor shelters are depicted below:

 1. Increase the Value of Your Home

 The design of a backyard pergola is intended to complement any garden, patio, or lounge area. While their design alone might catch the eye, there are countless ways to improve the elegance, style, or sophistication of your pergola. First, you must decide on the material that will be used to construct your pergola. Pergolas come in a variety of materials, including wood, vinyl, aluminum, and fiberglass. These various materials offer rugged, contemporary, stylish, or exquisite appeal to your pergola framework, depending on your preference. You can talk to an outdoor living specialist company like Hyland Landscaping in Vancouver to make your dream pergola come true.

 2. Enhance the Look of Your Garden Area

 A backyard pergola is a pretty effective way to liven up your garden area in the backyard. Choose a roomy layout with an open-top lattice roof to ensure that your garden receives the required sunshine and air circulation. Putting plants or cultivating roses, wisteria, honeysuckle, or grapevines through the beams is another option to add a special touch to your pergola. You can also drape lights all around columns or through the cross beams to give the pergola a pleasant vibe. 

 3. Turn Your Backyard Into a Cozy Outdoor Social Spot

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Whether you want to throw a barbeque, provide a lovely, unforgettable place for a modest wedding, or just sit back and enjoy a cup of hot coffee by yourself, having a backyard pergola will help complement those moments. Pergolas entice visitors with their shade and aesthetic appeal. They provide a gathering point for friends and family, as well as a great place to dine, sit, and play games. They can be a pleasant introduction to a garden and offer an appealing, colorful, and elegant touch to any party, barbecue, or wedding. Their design emphasizes openness, yet privacy can be achieved by adding draperies or screens. 

 4. Add Shade and Privacy

 You might be wondering if pergolas truly do provide shade. Pergolas were created to provide shade in your backyard. They are ideal for offering protection from the sun’s intense rays while still allowing light to enter the space. Pergolas do not give complete shade, but their adaptable designs allow for a variety of shadow alternatives. A sliding canopy can be added for complete coverage. Depending on the time of day or the position of the sun, this feature can allow you to enjoy varying levels of sun protection. For complete sun protection, retractable canopies aren’t the only answer. Plants, bamboo, and fabric sales, to mention a few, are other options that can add extra protection to your pergola and represent your particular style.

 Give Your Outdoor Space Another Dimension with a Backyard Pergola

 If you want to spruce up the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor living space, having a pergola set up in your backyard can be the answer. For that, you can get in touch with Hyland Landscaping—a full-service landscape contractor that specializes in adding aesthetic value to your property.