How Do I Find a Landscaper for my Strata?

One of the key ways to attract renters and buyers to your property is to make sure that it looks like a desirable complex to live in. While we all have different creative ideas for what our properties should look like, at the end of the day, we are all striving to do the same thing – increase the value of our property. The only way to sustain an attractive property is to keep it well maintained. To achieve this, property managers should contract landscapers to assist for a multitude of reasons, ranging from the sheer volume of work to safety needs. The question then becomes, how do I find a landscaper for my strata and how can they help me add value to my property?

In this article, we’ll look at the types of landscaping work that you can hire a landscaper for, how landscapers add value to your property and finally, the question you’ve come here for, how do I find a landscaper from my strata?

Types of Landscaping Work

Lawn Maintenance – a property’s lawn is the most immediate indicator of how well the home is cared for. Patchy, brown, and unkempt grass is not likely to attract the ideal buyers/renters. Aerating and fertilizing a lawn ensures it looks fresh and healthy. Aerating a lawn is done with a machine that pokes patterned holes into the ground, allowing for more air to reach the roots of the grass. Fertilizing after this will ensure the best growth for the grass.

Other helpful services include top dressing – where you add new soil to a lawn with poor soil conditions to help it grow stronger. Dethatching a lawn might be necessary if your soil and grassroots are thickly combined. Detaching removes these “thatches” as described above, allowing water and nutrients to reach the roots again. This might not be necessary for all lawns but a professional can assess the next best steps. And of course, lawn mowing is also key to creating an appealing environment.

Additionally, look for companies that offer services such as Spring Clean-Up. With this type of service, your contractor will come to help you prepare for the warmer months by clearing away dead leaves, aerating, fertilizing, weeding, etc. Likewise, Fall Clean-Up is necessary for a well-maintained lawn, particularly when it comes to raking and pruning, which if left untouched can harm the grass. This happens when thick layers of leaves block out light and air from the lawn, which can cause premature death for the grass. Additionally, fallen leaves can sometimes become a home for pests and fungal issues.

Turf Improvements – These can range from seeding to mulching and beyond. Seeding can help thicken a wilted out and dried lawn. This is done by adding a layer of seeds which will fill out the missing areas. Mulching is the act of spreading material on the surface of the soil as a cover to help retain moisture, keep the soil cool, and make the ground look pretty.

Sodding a lawn means replacing entire chunks of turfgrass that is dying or in rough conditions. This is the fastest way to replace a rough-looking patch of a garden but might also be the priciest.

Weed Control – Landscapers are able to help maintain the inevitable weed issues happening with your lawn. Weeds can destroy a lawn rapidly. There are two major types of weeds. 

The first is the Perennial Weed. These are weeds like dandelions and daisies. While they have some aesthetic appeal, they grow massive root systems which create a recurring bloom on your lawn every year. As such, these are very difficult to permanently remove from your lawn.

The second is the Annual Weed, like chickweed. The cycle for these is much shorter – they usually germinate, grow, and die with a year, but they spread seeds very quickly, encompassing major chunks of your lawn. Both weeds are hard to battle on your own and should be treated by a professional landscaper to help prevent future infestations.

Garden Maintenance – Having a beautiful garden weaving through the property takes much more than regular watering. If your property has a large or elaborate garden, it is best to hire a landscaping company that offers services such as raking and defining the borders of the garden. They can help cultivate the soil, fertilize the plants, and control weed growth and invasive species.

Tree and Shrub Pruning – Pruning back your trees is essential to extending their lifespan, not to mention that it makes them look significantly more attractive to the eye. Pruning is when overgrown or dead branches are snipped away from the tree.  Regular pruning is incredibly important because much like a hair trim, it helps the tree or shrub grow faster. Once pruned, the tree has more access to sunlight and is able to better fight off infectious diseases. In weather-sensitive areas, pruning is essential to reducing the risk of property damage due to high winds.

Tree Maintenance – Some landscapers offer tree maintenance where they will inspect the tres on your property to assess their health. This can help identify any insect control issues and how to best fight them. There are some landscaping businesses that also offer injection treatments to encourage trunk health and overall vibrancy. 

Pest Control – Some common lawn insects can cause health concerns. Some of these critters include mites, ants, fleas, ticks, etc. and can cause allergic reactions, painful stings, and even damage to the property. The right landscapers can help eradicate these pests.

Irrigation – This is the application of controlled amounts of water to plants at needed intervals. Essentially, it’s a sprinkler system. The key ingredients to a beautiful lawn are fertilization, sunlight, and water. A yard irrigation system helps you control the water element. Instead of guessing where and how much to water each area of the lawn, this is a precise way to approach the health of the grass. Corporate locations should absolutely be using a service like this.

If you’re not convinced, here are some additional benefits. The right irrigation system can actually help conserve water so in this regard, you stay environmentally conscious of how you’re caring for your property. Additionally, irrigation systems prevent excess watering, they drain the water properly and are custom designed for every location.

Every lawn will have different irrigation needs so it is important to find a landscaper who will take a detailed approach to your situation.

Hardscaping – So far we’ve discussed the types of services you’d be looking to get from your landscaper when it comes to the living parts of your property. Landscaping is part of the finishing touches of your home whereas hardscaping is using the construction portions of your property to create new and unique elements.

How do Contractors Add Value to my Property?

If you’re a property manager looking to boost the value of your property, you can find contractors that are able to do all sorts of wonders with your space. From staircases to fountains and pools, to firepits, there are many powerful hardscaping options to help elevate the atmosphere of your property.

If you already have installments like a fountain or a pool, it is necessary to make sure that it is professionally maintained, for aesthetic, sanitary, and functional purposes.

Indoor Landscaping – Commercial buildings and large complexes often feature some sort of interior landscaping. This could mean planters for flowers and indoor plants, an indoor garden, or an indoor fountain. Not only can a landscaper help you design a beautiful piece, but they can also ensure that it’s operating and maintained. Key areas to think about enhancing includes lobby space or major walkways/hallways. Not only will this elevate the look, but it will also provide a natural feel and smell to the area.

Outdoor Lightning – Another profound way to increase the value of your property is to properly illuminate it. Outdoor lighting adds warmth to the location and can make it look inviting, rather than shady and dangerous. Look for landscapers that provide comprehensive outdoor lighting services so that you can create something simple and elegant for your residents.

Holiday Lighting – Nothing creates a better sense of community than the feel of the holidays. Professional landscapers can handle your holiday lighting safely, efficiently, and will it make look professionally presented. Integrating holiday lighting can help create memorable moments on your property.

Snow Removal – In most cities in the wintertime, property managers are legally obligated to keep their property safe during and after snowfalls. Snow removal on large properties is a job for professionals. Landscapers can be hired to remove snow after a snowfall, salt any icy patches, dispose of the snow in an effective manner, and make it all look pretty. This is an essential service to have someone on call for and should be researched meticulously. The relationship you have with your snow removal contractor can help ease your mind in stressful weather.

How Do I find a Landscaper for my STrata?

As outlined above, making your property truly sing requires the aid of professional landscapers who can provide regular attention, advice, and service year-round. Here are some things to consider when you’re answering the question of how do I find a landscaper for my strata.

Your Strata Contract – Are the members of your strata council in agreement as to the scope and type of work needed for the property? Have you done your due diligence in fulfilling any contractual obligations to the strata? Once this requirement has been met, you should breakdown the tasks you are looking to hire for and start researching local landscapers that offer the same services. Search engines can provide you with nearby companies, as well as customer reviews readily available at your fingertips.

Interviewing Contractors – Once you narrow down your list of needs, select a handful of your favourite landscaping company prospects and invite them to meet you on your property. This is a good opportunity to get to know your potential candidates and to get their take on what needs to be done at the residence. This is also the perfect moment to get a quote from all of your candidates. All of this information will help you choose the best fit for your property.

Your Landscaper’s Contract – Once you’ve selected the landscaper of your choice, they should provide you with a detailed contract of the services they are agreeing to provide in exchange for a financial figure you’ve both reached. The services should be clearly outlined and dates should be attached so that there’s something to hold your contract to. As well, there should be clear policies and procedures outlined by the company as to how things will operate. 

Your Landscaper’s Insurance – Hand in hand with the contract, you should ensure that your contractor has the appropriate, complete, and comprehensive insurance coverage for all of the tasks outlined in the contract. This protects you, your tenants, and the landscaper. If you are based in British Columbia, you should ensure that the contractor has WorkSafeBC coverage for all of their employees. Should an accident happen, it is important that any potential injuries sustained are covered by WorkSafeBC so that they don’t impact you or the tenants. Property Managers outside of BC should look for companies that have Workers Compensation coverages.

Professional Staff – Make sure to choose a landscaping company that behaves by the book and follows all safety guidelines. Landscaping company crew should be easily identified by their uniforms. A foreman should be on-site to oversee the labourers. Typically, a foreman has several years of experience in the industry and can quality control the work being done.

Strata Council Requests – As part of the contract, it’s important to ensure the landscaper can accommodate strata requests. For example, some strata councils ban the use of certain types of pesticides. Your contractor should be able to provide you with alternate methodology in cases like this. It’s best to discuss any concerns like this at the contract stage.

Now that you’ve got all the information you need to answer the question of how do I find a landscaper for my strata, it’s time to get moving on the improvement of your property. Hyland Landscapes, which services the Greater Vancouver Area and beyond, assists property managers in completing their projects promptly. 

Hyland offers annual landscape packages, one-off cleanups, and ad hoc repairs for those in need of landscaping services. With a team that boasts over 20 years of experience, Hyland is committed to providing its customers with the best possible outcome for their property.  For those looking to design and execute a landscaping vision, Hyland is the perfect partner for helping you actualize your concept, offering consultation and design services.