The winter season is the most difficult time for outdoor kitchens. It’s hard to keep your kitchen warm when it’s 20 degrees outside! Luckily, there are some cool designs that will help you stay warm and cook up a storm in the colder months. Read on to find out more about these clever solutions. 

What To Consider When Designing An Outdoor Kitchen In Places With Cold Weather? 

When you are designing an outdoor kitchen in a place with cold weather, there are some things that will help it endure the winter season. Here are five things you can consider: 

  1. A fireplace is your best friend during cold temperatures. It can warm up your entire kitchen, and bring life to dull surroundings. During the colder months, you can even cook your hot meals right next to it.
  1. Consider using materials that reflect heat, and keep the cold away from your kitchen. Glass is one such example of this. A glass roof will help reflect sunlight during the day while keeping the interior warm at night. You could use glass walls and glass cabinets to create a warm, bright space.
  1. To keep the interior of your kitchen above freezing point, it helps to insulate it well. One way you can do this is by using wooden beams on top of the roof that will act as a platform for placing heavy objects such as bricks or stones. This will keep the ceiling warm from above and will prevent heat loss.
  1. If you are looking to use stone as your countertop, then a slab with smaller stones on it is the way to go during winter temperatures. This stone slab design will not only reduce heat loss but it will make your kitchen look beautiful too.
  1. Finally, you could even use some insulation on the outside of your kitchen to prevent heat loss in colder temperatures. An insulated covering is worth investing in if you live somewhere with extremely cold winters. 

The Benefits Of Having An Outdoor Kitchen In Cold Climate

Cold climates have a lot of advantages when it comes to outdoor kitchens. One of the main reasons why people install them is because they can use their kitchens even in bad weather conditions. They are safe from rain and snow, and you can still enjoy spending time there on a cold winter day. There are other benefits you get from installing an outside kitchen on your property such as the following:

  • An outdoor kitchen will give you more space and facilities when compared to a regular kitchen; it is much easier to prepare meals outside thanks to the different designs that you can find. You can also enjoy your time outdoors instead of being stuck inside a hot traditional kitchen. 
  • An outdoor kitchen will also save you money on energy bills. You will probably use less energy thanks to the fact that you will be preparing and cooking meals in an open space instead of a closed one.


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Choosing The Ideal Design Outdoor Kitchen Designs For Your Outdoor Kitchen

There are two main design styles that you can use for your outdoor kitchen; the first one being the traditional modern style and the second being a rustic design.

 Most people choose to build a contemporary one because it is easier to maintain and clean, which is very important in cold climates where there is lots of snow and rain. It will also be easier to install. On the other hand, if you want a more traditional look for your outdoor kitchen then a rustic design is definitely what you need.

 The main materials used in cold climate outdoor kitchens are usually wood and steel because they can withstand bad weather conditions for years on end. You should decide which material matches your needs best when it comes to durability and costs.

 Rustic outdoor kitchens are typically made of stone, brick, and wood. A container full of food will be kept inside a metal box because it is easily accessible and the cooking process should start as soon as possible since you don’t want the food to get cold outside.

 Outdoor kitchen designers are usually asked to install a storage box and shelves near the kitchen, so you can store everything that is used when cooking. You should also have enough space for storing food items inside your outdoor kitchen; on top of being practical, this will also add some style to it.


Looking For Outdoor Kitchen Designs That Will Work Best In Cold Climates?

 If you live in a cold climate, it can be challenging to find outdoor kitchens that will keep your family and friends warm. But we have the perfect solution for you! At Hyland Landscaping, we want to help you make the right decision on which design will work best with the space available so that it’s convenient and efficient. Our team is ready to answer any questions or queries that may come up as well! Contact us today if you have any thoughts or ideas, or need some guidance about design; our experts are always happy to chat.