Top Outdoor Kitchens Designs For Your Indoor & Outdoor Flow Entertainment Areas!

Nothing beats the joy of dining outside while creating lasting memories with family and friends. There is something magical about preparing meals and entertaining outside that would normally be done indoors that has made the outdoor kitchen design a fierce rage in modern home designs. There are numerous creative outdoor kitchen concepts and it is unlikely to miss out on a theme that will seamlessly blend in with your preferences and lifestyle and enable you to enjoy life’s simple pleasures provided by the outdoor space of your home. 

Unique and Trending Outdoor Kitchen Design Ideas

Modern outdoor kitchen designs feature sleek enhancements that will turn your kitchen and make it a natural extension into the outdoors. It is important to get the help of landscaping professionals such as Hyland Landscapes who are highly reputable in Vancouver and have the expertise to look into every detail from cabinetry to the flooring, coloring to the finishing to streamline and bring about a beautiful connection. These are some of the outdoor kitchen designs that are not about to lose their appeal.

Garden Kitchen

A garden-themed kitchen is not only practical but also striking. Adding plants and spices into your kitchen space will create a bright and flavorful green oasis for you to enjoy and entertain. Choosing appropriate plants,  the right type of gardening style such as vertical gardening as well as going for beautifully designed planting containers will give an interesting twist to the design of the outdoor kitchen. 

Fired Up Kitchen

A fire pit or fireplace will beautifully complete the setup of an outdoor kitchen and instantly enhance the cozy ambiance of the space. A fireplace offers a rustic look and the crackling noise it produces when lit will create a perfect backdrop while dining. Fire pits on the other hand offer more creative decor and functional options. For instance, the firepit can be used as a table when not in use or turned into a decor piece.

Italian Themed Kitchen

A unique feature in Italian countryside kitchens is the brick pizza oven. Having this in your outdoor kitchen will create an alluring Italian picturesque kitchen. Make your Italian outdoor kitchen design more original by embracing a U-Shaped design to surround the oven as well as install a wider counter space to get more sufficient space for your other kitchen appliances such as an ice maker and a grill. 

Grilling With A View

If most of your fun dining memories involve barbecue then you should consider having a grilling outdoor kitchen. Install your grilling station where you will get to have breathtaking views of your surroundings while doing what you love. A freestanding kitchen design is the best for this type of outdoor kitchen as it will minimize the smokehouse effect caused by having the grill at the center of a roof that is overhanging. The grill which is the main element in this outdoor kitchen design needs to be kept away from wood sidings or any other combustible material such as branches and paper. The designs you can implement for this theme are endless but be sure to incorporate construction materials such as stone, granite, and steel that are great for frequent grilling functions.

Patio Kitchen

A great way to utilize existing resources when creating an outdoor kitchen is to transform your patio into a kitchen. The best thing about this type of kitchen is that it is sheltered and your outdoor moments will not be dampened by unfriendly weather such as rain or extreme sun. It will also take considerably less time to get this kitchen up and running as most of the work such as electrical wiring and plumbing has already been sorted out. 

Waterside Luxury

If your home is right next to a lake or the sea then you can have an enviable outdoor kitchen that features breathtaking views and a refreshing breeze. Install a kitchen complete with a fridge, grill, sink, and stove right at the prime spot in your backyard that will offer you and your guests the luxurious beach experience while dining. Wood accents and string lights will be perfect to complete the ambiance of this kitchen. 

Concrete Themed Kitchen

If you want a solid setting for your kitchen you can never go wrong with poured concrete. This option gives a simplistic look and is highly functional and durable due to the resilience of cement. A concrete kitchen design does not necessarily spell dullness and boredom. Poured concrete offers a wide variety of designs and colors that you can play around with to create the kitchen you desire. Make it more homely by adding potted green plants as well as steel or wooden wall shelves to complement the main concrete background.

English Kitchen

The English Countryside theme will not only make your kitchen stand out but is also a timeless option that will give you the rare chance to enjoy your kitchen for years without feeling bored or unfashionable. To make your English kitchen more authentic add elements such as handwoven rugs, shuttered wooden doors, and invest in some vintage English-themed containers and pottery to add as decor. 

Bar Outdoor Kitchen Design

Adding a bar to your outdoor kitchen design is a perfect way to add life to your entertaining moments. This can easily be achieved by featuring elegant finishing touches such as barstools, a long countertop, and beautifully designed wine racks or shelves that will blend in with the other elements in your backyard. 

What To Do When Limited Or Not Yet Decided 

For some, it may take some time to be completely sold out to the wonderful idea of outdoor kitchens. On the other hand, you may find that you lack sufficient space in your Vancouver property to create the outdoor kitchen design of your dreams. In this case, you may consider expanding your indoor kitchen into the outdoors with simple actions such as creating a wide kitchen window that links to the outdoor space or by adding a minimalist type of seating area where you can serve and eat from after preparing and cooking indoors. There are many ways that you can connect your existing kitchen to the outdoor space to give you a partial experience of the outdoor dining lifestyle. 

 Outdoor kitchens have become the ultimate dining and entertaining spaces. Outdoor kitchens when done right and finished with perfect tantalizing touches can be enjoyed all through the year not just during summer. Hyland Landscapes has the experience and the passion to design and install award-winning outdoor kitchen designs in Vancouver. If you would like to explore the exciting outdoor kitchen lifestyle, reach out to us today.