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Elevating Your Outdoor Cooking Experience

What was once considered a luxury for many homeowners, outdoor kitchens are quickly becoming the new “must-have” in home design. If you are considering an outside kitchen of your own or simply want to upgrade what is currently on your property, Hyland Landscapes can help guide you through every aspect of planning and designing a beautiful outdoor kitchen.

We design and build customized outdoor kitchens—complete with all the amenities that you have come to expect, without sacrificing style or comfort. Let’s get creative and put your own stamp on a design that can be all yours or one that is perfect for entertaining guests and friends alike.

Designing Your Own Culinary Paradise

From custom-made cabinets to countertops and flooring, you can take your outdoor kitchen from ordinary to extraordinary with a little creativity and our expertise.

Custom-made Cabinets

From the material used to the handles, everything about these custom-made pieces is customized for each individual client.

Decorative Countertops

Our designer will help you pick out the perfect materials for your outdoor kitchen’s countertops. We can even arrange to have it cut into beautiful, personalized slabs that are just right for your space.

Bespoke Flooring

You may opt to include custom floor tiles with your outdoor kitchen design—either as a focal point or just a way to add a little more personality to your cooking area.

Open Layout

The open layout gives you more flexibility when it comes time for cooking and entertaining, while also adding a sense of casualness that lends itself well to these environments.

Outdoor Entertaining Space

We also offer the design of additional outdoor living spaces like seating enclosures or decks—perfect for relaxing with friends after dinner is finished.


Can outdoor kitchens have a fridge?2021-11-30T12:34:12+00:00

Yes. Even a modest refrigerator in an outdoor kitchen provides lots of convenience without significantly increasing the cost. A good refrigerator will help you preserve meat that is ready to cook and keep all of your drinks cool on those hot summer days.

Can outdoor kitchens be built with a bar?2021-11-30T12:34:51+00:00

Yes. Whether it’s a true bar setting — with space for drinks, a sink, a refrigerator, and potentially a built-in tap — or simply a long counter that can function as a place to prep food, set up a buffet, or gather to eat, an outdoor bar or counter will provide additional space to make your outdoor living and entertaining better.

Can an outdoor kitchen be built with a fireplace?2021-11-30T12:35:14+00:00

Yes. An outdoor fireplace is similar to an indoor fireplace in that it enhances your living space and personal style while providing various benefits in your outside living and gathering areas. While cooking and socializing outside, an outdoor fireplace provides warmth, light, and a soothing ambience for you and your guests. On cool nights, installing an outdoor fireplace beside a low seating area creates the ideal gathering setting.

Can outdoor kitchens be built in cold climates?2021-11-30T12:35:32+00:00

Yes. Building a custom outdoor kitchen in a place where temperatures drop below freezing and storms may dump feet of snow may seem overwhelming, but anyone can enjoy an outside living space with the correct design features and changes.

Can outdoor kitchens have a pizza oven?2021-11-30T12:36:08+00:00

Yes. A pizza oven is a must-have component in any outdoor kitchen for individuals who enjoy entertaining guests. They not only provide the tastiest meals in the quickest period of time, but they also demand less work, allowing you to mingle with others around you without having to worry about what’s being prepared.

Who designs outdoor kitchens?2021-11-30T12:37:21+00:00

Hyland Landscapes lets you get creative and place your own stamp on a design that can be all yours or one that is perfect for entertaining guests and friends alike. From custom-made cabinets to countertops and flooring, you can take your outdoor kitchen from ordinary to extraordinary with a little creativity and Hyland Landscape’s expertise.

Who builds outdoor kitchens near me?2021-11-30T12:38:11+00:00

Hyland Landscapes creates unique outdoor kitchens that include all of the features you’ve come to expect without sacrificing either aesthetic or comfort.

What are outdoor cabinets made of?2021-11-30T12:38:43+00:00

There are a variety of materials for outdoor kitchen cabinets. The most common ones, though, are stainless steel, marine-grade aluminum, masonry, PVC, and wood.

Can outdoor kitchens have a sink?2021-12-01T03:59:18+00:00

Yes. A sink improves the functionality, practicality, and convenience of any outdoor kitchen. It serves as a convenient hand-washing station for the chef. And it also eliminates the need for visitors to come inside for pre-dinner handwashing and post-dinner cleaning of sticky hands and faces. It can be used to wash raw meat platters so they can be reused for cooked meat without cross-contamination, as well as wash vegetables and other components for food prep.

Do outdoor kitchens need to be covered?2021-11-30T12:40:08+00:00

Yes, especially if it’s an open-air kitchen, an outdoor kitchen should be sheltered and protected from the weather. Although the components used to construct outdoor kitchens are weather resistant, they will deteriorate over time if exposed to extreme weather, cold, or moisture.

What are outdoor kitchens?2021-11-30T12:40:57+00:00

An outdoor kitchen is a location outside the home where you may cook, prepare and enjoy a meal, as well as entertain guests.

How are outdoor kitchens built?2021-11-30T12:41:37+00:00

There are many different ways to approach an outdoor kitchen design. It is highly recommended, though, that you find a designer and talk with them about your needs, wants, and expectations for the space. They will discuss things like whether or not there will be plumbing involved in the installation, if the gas line is close enough to be able to hook up the grill on demand, and what appliances would be best suited for your particular project. You should also talk to them about where it’s best to install your outdoor kitchen and discuss what appliances you would like to incorporate in the install. It is best that you work with an experienced design-build specialist who can not only help you construct a layout that suits your area, but also ensure that your vision for your outdoor kitchen is realized is critical for safety and durability.

What are the different components of an outdoor kitchen?2021-11-30T12:42:04+00:00

There are several essential components that an outdoor kitchen must have. This includes ample dining space where guests and diners can enjoy their meals. The next step is to invest in long-lasting appliances that can resist wear and tear as well as exposure to the elements. The grill should, of course, be the focal point of any outdoor kitchen. First and foremost: You must place your grill away from any areas where children may play, as well as anything that could catch fire. After you’ve taken care of safety, it’s time to consider style. Many homeowners are designing outdoor kitchens to resemble streamlined versions of indoor kitchens, as opposed to the conventional stand-alone grill. Lower cabinets hide propane and charcoal, making a built-in grill look clean and professional. Access doors, a side burner, a mini refrigerator, and a garbage bin are all included in a basic setup. A flat top griddle, pizza oven, charcoal barbecue, smoker, kamado, or power burner will expand your outdoor kitchen’s culinary options. Outdoor ice makers, wine coolers, kegerators, and beverage centers are all excellent additions to your outdoor kitchen, particularly if you plan to entertain guests for several hours. You and your guests will enjoy having ice cold beverages on hand at all times, including draft beer. You should also think about storage to make sure you can securely store all of your kitchen necessities so you don’t have to continually going in and out of your home. Everything you need for grilling should be readily stored in your outdoor kitchen with storage components so that it’s ready to use the next time you cook.

Can outdoor kitchens be made to be weatherproof?2021-11-30T12:42:30+00:00

Yes, outdoor kitchens can be made to be weatherproof by choosing the flooring or covers carefully. The cliché “safety first” often applies to this undertaking, as it does to so many others. Glazed tiles and stone should be avoided since they might become slippery when wet. Concrete, brick, and natural stone are examples of materials that satisfy safety requirements. Ceramic tile is another popular option that comes in a range of colors and finishes and, in most situations, provides enough slip resistance. You can also consider using thermal covers for your ovens and roofing the kitchen will also enable you to cook in any weather condition. Lastly, hardware elements and their finished must be picked carefully as well.

Are outdoor kitchens worth it?2021-11-30T12:42:55+00:00

Outdoor kitchens are very popular, and experts in the field say that having one adds greatly to the value of a home. According to a survey by Absolute Outdoor Kitchens, homes that have an outdoor kitchen have a return on investment of 100 percent to 200 percent more than homes without one.

Take Your Outdoor Kitchen to the Next Level.

From the foundation up, Hyland Landscapes will help you design and build a beautiful outdoor kitchen that is all your own design and concept.

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