Outdoor Play Areas

Create A Fun-Filled Life Outdoors

One of the best parts of your kids’ development is watching them learn and grow through play. And what better way to do that than outdoors?

Backyard play areas are an essential part of the landscape – and here at Hyland Landscapes, we specialize in creating beautiful outdoor spaces that are not just functional but also safe for your kids . We have the knowledge needed to integrate a range of different outdoor spaces into any sized yard. Whether you’re looking for a playground area, sandbox, or simply someplace to run and play, we can make it happen.

Your Kid’s Happiest Place

Don’t forget about the kids while you’re planning an outdoor play area. Give them a secure, well-planned environment where they can freely express themselves and have fun!

Let your kids jump.

We can turn plain hard land into a bouncy trampoline wonderland. It’s a great way to burn off energy, and a lot of fun too.

Let your kids slide.

From swings to a slide, we have everything you need to keep your kids entertained.

Let your kids play.

Fuel their imagination by building them their own little house in the backyard!

Functional And Safe Backyard Play Areas

A lot of thought goes into creating outdoor play areas for children, and here are some things we consider:


We at Hyland Landscapes know that the most important thing in any play area is safety. We have taken these concerns into account when designing your children’s outdoor space to ensure it meets all industry standards, codes, and regulations. You can rest assured knowing that our kids’ playgrounds are safe for their physical development while they learn and play.


Just as important as safety is functionality. A backyard play area should be interesting and fun for kids, with plenty of activities to keep them entertained. We design our playgrounds with a variety of features that are perfect for all kinds of children – from the adventurous to the creative.


And what’s a playground without fun? We pride ourselves on creating stimulating and creative areas for your children to explore, think, and grow in. Whether you want an all-inclusive playground or just a place for them to run around, we can help.

Build Them An Outdoor Play Area They’ll Love

Let them do more, play more, and build happy memories right in your own backyard. We at Hyland Landscapes can help you turn any backyard space into an outdoor paradise for children of all ages, interests, and abilities.

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