You wake up on a frosty morning, step outside, and see an unwelcome sight – a fresh blanket of snow and a thick layer of ice covering your driveway, steps, and porch. So, what can you do to remove it? While ice accumulation in the winter is inevitable, it doesn’t have to be a pain. There are some easy ways to get rid of ice and make your property safe and accessible again. But before we get to our top tips, let’s first discuss why it’s crucial to get rid of ice on your property right away.

The Importance Of Ice Removal On Your Property

 When ice forms on your property, it can become extremely slippery. This makes ice one of the most dangerous things to deal with when clearing your exterior surfaces. If you fall on ice, there is a very high chance of sustaining serious injury.

 Ice can also cause damage to your property. If ice is allowed to form on the exterior of your home, it can result in water infiltration and ice dams that can cause a hefty amount of damage to your home. For instance, ice can ruin the finishing and siding of homes. It’s also very easy for ice buildup to cause cracks in sidewalks and driveways. Of course, ice doesn’t just cause damage to your property. It can also be highly inconvenient when ice is allowed to form on walkways and driveways, making it impossible for you to use these areas safely. For all of these reasons, ice removal is essential, particularly in an ice-covered area like Vancouver.


How To Get Rid Of Ice Safely And Effectively

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Now that we’ve covered the importance of ice removal, let’s talk about the ways you can get rid of ice from your property. As you will see, you can use many different techniques to eliminate ice from surfaces both quickly and efficiently.

 1. Ice Scraper

 Many homeowners go with one of the most standard ice removal products: ice scrapers. You can purchase these ice scrapers at almost any home improvement store. Ice scrapers are a great ice removal product because they’re extremely easy to use – just scrape ice from the surface you’d like to clear.

 2. Blowtorch

 Another ice removal product is the blowtorch. This method quickly melts ice using a high-heat propane device. You can utilize this ice melting technique on surfaces and objects, like cars or ice sculptures. While it may sound like a scary option (and in some cases, it certainly can be), ice removal with the blowtorch is relatively safe when done correctly. 

3. Snow Melting Mats

 If ice removal with a blowtorch is not something you would feel comfortable doing, you can turn to other ice-melting techniques. One method is to use special ice melting mats. These ice melting mats work by warming the surfaces to which they are applied. As the mats heat up, ice turns into water and runs off the surface. While ice melting mats require more effort than ice removal with a blow torch, they’re still a practical option, especially if you don’t want to expose anything flammable to extreme heat.

 4. Natural Deicer

 If you’d like to avoid using ice removal products with potentially dangerous chemicals, you might want to try ice deicers instead. Ice deicers are completely natural ice melting agents that you can spread on surfaces or objects where ice is present. You can then wait for the ice to dissolve without doing anything else. Just remember to use ice deicers sparingly – when used too liberally, ice deicer pellets and crystals can cause damage to concrete sidewalks. 

5. Salt

 At this point, most homeowners will have heard of salt as a means of ice removal. There are countless ice melting products on the market in Vancouver with just as many different active ingredients as ice melting mats and ice deicers. One very popular product in colder regions like Vancouver is ice melt salt. Salt is a completely natural ice and snow melting agent, and it has been used for this purpose since the end of the 19th century.

Need Help With Ice Removal On Your Property?

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If you have ice on your property, we can help! Hyland Landscapes provides snow and ice management services such as snow removal, plowing, and salting and de-icing. We respond quickly to any situation, use the best equipment and products on the market, and will work with you every step of the way for your convenience. To learn more about our services or get in touch, give us a call today at (778) 957-7222.