The Greater Vancouver area is saturated with landscaping companies, landscape suppliers, and landscape contractors offering you their services. How do you select the best for your property’s needs? In this article, we’ll dive into the top 10 landscape suppliers servicing the Vancouver area and breakdown some of their best products and services available. 

1) Northwest Landscape and Stone Supply

Based in Burnaby, Squamish, and Abbotsford, British Columbia, Northwest Landscape and Stone Supply tote themselves as “where garden builders shop!” Recently, they were recognized by the BC Landscape & Nursery Association as the “Supplier of the Year”.

They’ve been supplying natural stone and hard goods to the landscaping industry for over 35 years. They employ local stone-cutters and artisans to create the perfect materials for landscaping projects.  Their signature products include natural and custom-cut, hand-selected and honed basalt, which is extracted from the famed Squamish-Whistler corridor, and is a perfect example of British Columbia’s famed “West Coast Style”.

Their products include:

  • Artificial turf (including the type of turf that golf fields are made of if you’re in the market)
  • Bulk material – gravel, rocks, road bases, and sand
  • Concrete wall blocks that are used for transitional stairs, retaining walls, etc.
  • Furnishings – basalt furniture, concrete fireplace kits, concrete furniture, stone benches, marble furniture, patio umbrellas, umbrella lighting, etc.
  • Garden hardgoods – fencing, drainage supplies, edging, gabions, grass grids, etc.
  • Garden ornaments – concrete birdbaths, bronze ornaments, ceramic ornaments, concrete statuary, etc.
  • Landscape lighting
  • Natural Stone – basalt columns, boulders, river rock, stepping stone, etc.
  • Natural Stone signage
  • Pavers and cobble
  • Planters – aluminum, concrete, and natural stone planters
  • Pond supplies – aquatic patio ponds, pond filters, pond basins, etc.
  • Water features – concrete fountains, gurglers of the granite, limestone, and marble variety
  • Winter products – Pond de-icers, ice scrapers, sand, etc.
  • Tools – masonry tools, safety equipment, and dozens of other products

This is a one-stop-shop for all of the hard surface materials your landscaper would need to redesign your outdoor property. 

2) BC Brick

Located in Richmond, British Columbia, BC Brick Supplies LTD. is more than your average brick store.  They’ve been in business for 25 years servicing contractors and homeowners with a varied selection of masonry and landscape materials. They have a whopping four-acre lot showroom, featuring products from North America, Europe, and China. 

Their landscape supplier materials include:

  • Aggregates – which can be purchased in bulk or by the bag, and include a variety of sand options, road base, and crushed rock
  • Artificial turf – they stock 5 different types of lawns which are all low maintenance (no watering, mowing, weeding, etc. needed) and come with an 8-year warranty
  • Block and split face concrete block
  • Brick products
  • Chimney supplies – to create and maintain your chimney
  • Fountains – a wide range of functioning fountains
  • Glass blocks
  • Manufactured stone
  • Natural stones
  • Outdoor porcelain tiles – ideal for your swimming pool area
  • Planters
  • Pond supplies
  • Hydra-pressed slabs for outdoor areas
  • Stair treads
  • Outdoor statues

This versatile landscape supplier in Vancouver has the right supplies for anything from indoor fireplaces to large courtyards

3) Dick’s Lumber Burnaby

Hailing from Burnaby, British Columbia, Dick’s Lumber is the largest contractor building supply company in Western Canada. They’ve been in operation for 50 years. One of the noblest aspects of the company is its commitment to minimizing the amount of waste that goes into landfill sites. They recycle all cardboard, plastic, and wood generated from product packaging. They are also helping preserve wilderness areas by enforcing a strict procurement policy with their lumber, promoting the responsible consumption of natural materials.

Their products include:

  • Lumber and Wood – from engineered wood to plywood, they’ve got everything needed for a wood focused project
  • Siding for your home – cedar, metal, and rain screen products
  • Decks and fences – cedar fence panels for your outdoor deck
  • Doors and windows – lumber for all styles
  • Hardware – ranging from drywall, concrete and cement, insulation materials, and heating and ventilation
  • Moulding – ceiling moulding, mantel trim, wall trim, etc.
  • Roofing supplies  – cedar shingles and asphalt shingles
  • Tools – power tools, hand tools, and garden tools are available here

This is the perfect supplier for a wood-based project.  

4) Burnco Landscape Supply

Located in both Surrey and Langley, British Columbia, Burnco is actually a company with over 60 locations in Western Canada, Saskatchewan, and Texas. The company is 105 years old,  a fourth generate aggregate construction materials business that prides itself as the “one-stop-shop” for landscaping supplies. All of their centres offer a wide assortment of materials for landscaping.

Their offerings include:

  • Bulk materials such as gravel, cold rock, firewood, mulch and wood bark, soil, etc.
  • Landscape fabric
  • Hardscape products – slabs, paving stones, steps, and prefabricated veneers
  • Natural stone – columns, boulders, wall stones
  • Packaged products such as cement and jointing sand
  • Plants and sod
  • Pond supplies
  • Turf, furnishing, and lighting – including artificial turf and planters

 This is a great landscape supplier in Vancouver for those who only want to deal with one supplier as they have such a large assortment of products. 

5) Surrey Cedar

A 40-year-old family-owned business hailing from Surrey, British Columbia, Surrey Cedar is a red cedar manufacturer. The benefits of cedar are well known in this region of the world. Not only does cedar enhance the value and beauty of your home, but it also doesn’t fade or tarnish. It’s also a natural moth repellent (great for closet doors) and it smells absolutely lovely. 

Surrey cedar provides the following:

  • Cedar lumber – a highly versatile wood, it can be used for building a deck, installing a side wall or paneling. Cedar is coveted for its ability to withstand natural elements. It does not decay. It is an investment for your home.
  • Fence panels – cedar is the perfect choice for an outdoor fence as it is highly resistant
  • Furniture – if you’re looking for furniture that lasts, this is the perfect investment
  • Sheds – if you’re looking to build your forever shed, this is the place to get a full kit
  • Roofing – again, if you want defense against UV rays, snow, rain, and all the other elements, cedar roofing is the best option for your home.

This is the supplier to approach for cedar specific projects. 

6) ProSource Irrigation and Landscape Lighting

With locations in Burnaby and Vancouver, as well as Kelowna, British Columbia, ProSource is a locally owned irrigation and landscape company providing a wide variety of services. They offer the largest selection of in-stock inventory in the interior of British Columbia.

Their top offers include:

  • Irrigation Supplies
  • Landscape Lighting
  • Pond Supplies
  • Pumps
  • Artificial Turf
  • Lawn Edging
  • Drainage Products
  • Landscape Fabric
  • Fire Feature Bowls and Components
  • Hand Tools and Supplies

This is the shop for any and all irrigation specific needs. 

7) Diamond Precast Concrete and Municipality Castings

Based in Burnaby, British Columbia, Diamond Precast has been supplying local contractors since 1968 with their coveted concrete materials.

Their inventory as a landscape supplier includes all of the materials needed for practical concrete applications and could be used for such things as:

  • Benches – both iron and steel
  • Construction covers and frames
  • Curb and corner guards
  • Drainage gates
  • Junction boxes
  • Lamposts
  • Manhole covers
  • Risers
  • Trash receptacles
  • Trench gates
  • Valve boxes

8) Creative Bricks ‘n’ Blocks LTD

Located in the beautiful North Vancouver of British Columbia, Bricks n Blocks specializes in providing products for the outdoor living space.

Their landscape supplier offerings include:

  • Concrete pavers in a variety of styles, including the popular Venetian and Pacific slate look
  • Patio slabs for outdoor seating areas
  • Retaining walls from Stonehenge to the Pisa aesthetic
  • Paver and slab accessories
  • Polymeric sand for concrete installations
  • Cleaners and sealants
  • Pond and water gardening features such as pumps and decorative pieces
  • Natural stone
  • Planters – fiber cement and rough concrete
  • Sand, soils, and aggregate – sold in bulk
  • Statues and décor – including Buddhist pieces, birdbaths, and lanterns
  • Artificial turf
  • Drainage

This is the place for concrete supplies. Look out for their “Elephant Armor” – touted as the world’s most amazing cementitious patch and overlay product, used for cement bonding

9) Arts Nursery

Arts Nursery was born in 1973 and is located in Port Kells, Surrey/Langley, British Columbia. It is one of the largest and most successful wholesale garden centres in the province. With a 10 acre lot, it’s hard to find a better selection of plants, trees, and flowers. Arts Nursery carries an ever-expanding collection of wholesale products for your landscape supplier needs.

Their catalog includes:

  • Garden décor and accents – fountains, garden accents, pots and planters, and statues
  • Gardening supplies such as bird bath products, fabric, fertilizers, hardscapes, hydroponics
  • Pest and disease management supplies
  • Turf and soil, sold in bulk
  • Weed control products
  • Watering and irrigation materials
  • Home décor
  • Plants – annuals, cacti, ferns, trees, shrubs, perennials, etc.
  • Seeds and bulbs

10) Rempel Bros Concrete

Rempel Bros Concrete was founded in 1967 and services the entire Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley. They are environmentalists at heart and they have shifted their material-processing to focus on a sustainable way of creating materials. This includes using Portland Limestone Cement, recycled water, and biodiesel and concrete reclaimers.

Their trademark and unique products include:

  • Cemflow – a specialize low-shrinkage, self-consolidating concrete for interior toppings
  • ConCreate Architectural – concrete mixes designed for architectural formwork. These are ideal for vertical columns and walls, or flatwork
  • ConCreate Exposed Aggregate  – using local Chilliwack River aggregate, this product is washed to expose the stone on the surface of the concrete. It’s great for driveways, patios, and sidewalks
  • ConCreate Liquid Color – liquid pigmentation that can be added to your concrete fixings (columns, driveways, sidewalks, floors) with a unique color palette
  • CrackGuard Low Shrinkage – a special concrete mix that minimizes cracking in concrete slabs by reinforcing the binding fibers. This is useful for industrial flooring, parking garage decks, swimming pools, and many other installations.
  • DrainStone – concrete that is designed to allow water to flow through it. Ideal for walkways and driveways
  • FlowCrete – a concrete mix that helps landscapers control the desired slump of their concrete material. This is perfect for pumped concrete and slabs.
  • Hard-Wear – ideal for industrial floors (like bridges and ramps), this concrete is ideal for high wear applications
  • High-Flow – a non-segregating concrete that easily spreads into place for architectural applications
  • Micro-Lite – a reduced density concrete perfect for lightweight fill material, rooftop construction, and raised decks
  • Octa-Block – interlocking concrete blocks that are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, this material is good for retaining walls and barriers, as well as containment structures.
  • PolarCon – this material uses accelerating admixtures in conjunction with optimized concrete mix designs, this mix is meant to reduce setting time 
  • SolarGuard – slump extension which maintains the slump of concrete for two hours to help provide assurance against cold joints. This ideal in helping labourers extend their working time on concrete
  • WaterGuard is a mix that helps reduce the migration of moisture by using pore blocker admixture technology. This is perfect for water features, tanks, and slabs.
  • Building materials – bag cement, saddles, zip strips, and anything else your landscaper might need to get the job done right.

Now that you have a list of the top ten landscape suppliers in the Vancouver region, it’s time to find yourself the ideal landscaping company.

Hyland Landscapes, which services the Greater Vancouver Area and beyond, can assist builders and designers, homeowners, and property managers elevate their homes. This is a list of who we recommend as a landscape supplier, however, we can work with you to select the appropriate supplier for your needs.