At last, Vancouver-based home and outdoor decor connoisseurs are finally casting their dice. There are promises that this year could be the year of an extreme makeover in outdoor living, with a particular focus on backyard Pergolas, decks, and patios.

To them, 2021 is ripe for earthshaking landscape design trends that could potentially transform ordinary backyards, porches, and balconies into personal outdoor oases. And their projections are primarily centered on what homeowners had been praying for – bringing indoor conveniences outdoors, with a touch of smart design, smart tech, and sophistication.


Thanks to Hyland Landscapes, Residential Homes in Vancouver are ‘Glowing’

Modern trends are sweeping through the entire city like a Tornado. And beyond having a freestanding Pergola, year-round outdoor living designs, and harness of high-tech in our everyday living, a lot is happening. The following Vancouver outdoor living trends say it all.

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1.    Outdoor Kitchens’ Revolution

It was perhaps the most proposed trend, buoyed by a 2021 design trends report of the National Kitchen and Bath Association. With an infinite list of outdoor kitchen ideas, including satellite kitchens complete with grills and pizza ovens, beautiful independent cook stations, and several more, the trend is as hot as never before.

Driven by the glamour of cooking outside and the ultimate at-home entertainment, many do not fear spending a fortune on this. And as evidenced by Vancouver’s Hyland Landscapes, diversity, often dictated by the availability of space, budget, and the area’s climate is one distinctive factor across the board. It is one landscape design many do not fear spending on.

2.    Edible Home Gardens

The Covid-19 pandemic might have altered our lifestyle altogether. But it has also forced millions to turn to their home gardens for fresh veggies, herbs, and homegrown fruits. The trend is one of the most adopted, especially among apartment dwellers.

Many now prefer to grow those plants that have a profound impact on their general health and wellness. They are going for hearty vegetables, especially those that can be comfortably irrigated and can grow organically. The choice of plants is quite diverse, but some have incorporated green veggies and non-edibles.

3.    Multi-Purpose Furniture Outdoors

As far as staying indoors amid the lockdown went, many had to think of ways of getting excited and entertained at home. And having special sofas outdoors under a Pergola, and turning front yards into warm and inviting casual entertainment chill spots, has been a norm.

They aren’t just ordinary outdoor furniture items, but glitzy and convertible hubs that fully adhere to the social distancing protocols. The same has even been boosted by the comfortable porch furniture DIY tutorial all over Instagram and the diversity around making them.

4.    Tech-Driven Landscape Design

Outdoor living is poised to be firmly into our everyday lifestyles. And this has everything to do with the changing views of homes and the impact technology has on it all. Today and possibly in the future, working from home is no longer surprising.

Technology-driven living is a solid part of landscaping today, all thanks to the ubiquity of Smart Living, the need for WiFi signals, and its impact on outdoor living. Music systems, TVs as well as cutting-edge outdoor technological appliances are the ones leading the frontline in this new trend.

Stay Up To Date With Vancouvers Outdoor Living Trends

It’s not easy to stay up-to-date with the latest outdoor living trends, especially the latest happenings in Vancouver. But there’s little to worry. Contact Vancouver’s Hyland Landscapes to get the latest & greatest information on outdoor living designs. It never gets easier than that!