We’re deep into winter and even with the New Year festivities, most yard-loving homeowners (such as yourself) retreat to the warmth and safety of the indoors instead.   

By now, your yard is at the hands of winter’s unforgiving temperatures. Snow will soon cover the outdoor furniture, pathways will be buried under inches of snow, and the outdoor kitchen will be lying in a dormant state until spring.

But this doesn’t have to be the case for you.  

Even in winter, outdoor living spaces can be enjoyed with just a few adjustments! 

If you’re looking for ideas on how to make your outdoor area more enjoyable this winter, here are some great ideas from our resident backyard designers here in Vancouver:

1. Enjoy Warm Conversations Around Your Toasty, Custom-Built Fire Pit

During the winter months, fire pits enable family, friends, and colleagues to embrace the cold weather together. It’s in these moments that the chilly outdoors are transformed into warm, cozy social havens.

Wood-burning fire pits are a great outdoor accessory to enjoy on cold winter days and nights. They come in a range of shapes so you’re sure to find one that fits your outdoor living area

This type of pit is perfect for those late night winter food parties and nostalgic conversations. Plus, the wood-burning flame has a pleasant scent that will make your outdoor area even more inviting!

With the help of our experienced backyard designers, you can create a custom fire pit that will not only look great in your yard but will also provide the perfect outdoor gathering spot for winter.

2. Dazzle Your Visitors With Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

Hyland Landscapes - Hyland pergola at night - 1

On winter nights, outdoor lighting fixtures not only brightens up space but also creates a cozy atmosphere too. Adding outdoor lights is also one of the best ways to create a festive look for outdoor winter events such as holiday parties. There are so many outdoor lighting fixtures to choose from such as: 

1. Icicle Lights

These simple lighting adds a cozy holiday feel  to outdoor spaces, allowing you to enjoy outdoor living during the winter months.

2. Outdoor Lanterns

Lanterns in winter months create  a lovely outdoor lighting display while still providing a subtle source of light. You can hang lanterns from trees or place them strategically around outdoor seating areas to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

3. Outdoor String Lights 

String lights are definitely an outdoor winter essential! They come in so many colorful and festive designs, allowing you to decorate outdoor living spaces with ease. 

3. Before Winter Sets In, Grow and Cultivate Cold-Resistant Plants

Winter doesn’t have to mean a barren outdoor space. You’ll want winter-blooming plants to keep your lawn looking vibrant and beautiful throughout the harsh season. Plants like pansies, winter heathers, and skimmia japonica can help you have an outdoor space that looks beautiful even during the winter months.


Fun Fact: Skimmia japonica  is an evergreen shrub that produces fragrant flowers. It’s a great choice for outdoor spaces due to its low-maintenance needs and its ability to thrive in cold conditions.

Professional l
andscape designers can help you select and arrange winter plants for your outdoor living area to create a yard that looks amazing all winter long. They have expertise and skills to keep your foliage looking healthy and vibrant all winter!

4. Turn Your Pergola Into a Cozy Outdoor Nook

Hyland Landscapes - Pergola lights at dusk - 2

Pergolas are outdoor structures made to create shade and seating in your yard. With the right design, it can be a cozy living space where you and your family can relax even during the coldest days of winter.  Here are a few tips on how to convert your pergola into a toasty outdoor nook:

  • Cover pergola with outdoor blankets or throws
  • Incorporate outdoor seating with cozy cushions and pillows
  • Add outdoor heating units for extra warmth and comfort
Bonus Tip: Adding sliding glass panels to your pergolas not only protects you from the winter chill. It also gives an extra depth of sophistication to your outdoor living area.

When it comes to customized pergolas, it’s always best to consult professional
backyard designers.  With their support, you can be sure that your pergola not only will withstand the toughest Vancouver winter weather conditions, but will also add a unique outdoor aesthetic to your home too.

5. Build A Winter-Friendly Patio Or Outdoor Kitchen

Hyland Landscapes - Outdoor kitchen - 3

Patios and outdoor kitchens are outdoor living staples. During the winter months, you can still enjoy outdoor cooking without having to worry about the cold weather by ensuring that your outdoor kitchen is properly outfitted for winter use. 

Pro backyard designers can help you create a weatherproof outdoor kitchen or patio with features such as outdoor heaters, outdoor fireplaces, and fully insulated outdoor appliances.  This will allow you to host outdoor winter events or simply enjoy outdoor cooking during the chilly months.

6. Design Your Extra Outdoor Space For Winter Activities

No pergolas? No problem. If you have enough space, you can turn your backyard into a mini campground ground where you can host outdoor winter barbecues, outdoor movie nights, and outdoor game nights with your friends.

7. Utilize Weatherproof Furniture For Your Yard

Snow and ice can be rough on furniture, which is why it’s important to invest in outdoor furniture that can withstand the harsh winter weather. When you’ve picked what type of furniture your outdoor space needs, our local backyard designers will help you select pieces that will not only look great in your yard but also provide comfort and warmth for when you want to!

Sometimes even the toughest outdoor furniture can’t withstand the winter weather. So, it’s best to consult a landscaping expert on how to keep the threat of heavy snow away from your backyard.

8. Turn Up the Heat Outside With Proper Heating Solutions

Don’t let the chill air keep you from enjoying your outdoor space this winter!   Here are a few ideas on how you can keep your outdoor space warm and comfortable:

  • Install outdoor heaters (even in your patio’s floors) so you can stay warm even on the coldest winter nights.
  • Invest in outdoor fireplaces to create a cozy outdoor setting while also providing warmth. 
  • Utilize outdoor furniture that’s well insulated so it won’t become too cold to sit on during the winter months.

9. Beautify Your Yard With Select Holiday Decorations

The winter season is the perfect time to bring in some outdoor holiday decorations. Adding holiday lights, festive wreaths, and even installing pine trees can create a unique outdoor look that will bring cheer and joy throughout winter.

10. Sit Back and Relax With Your Winter-ized Backyard Spa

Hyland Landscapes - Pergola at night with led lights - 4

Complete your outdoor winter sanctuary with a backyard spa. Whether you’re relaxing alone or sharing your outdoor space with friends and family, a spa  can provide an outdoor oasis that’s perfect  for winter. 

Our backyard designers can help you find the perfect outdoor spa in Vancouver or hot tub that meets your yard size and taste. Plus, they can also provide expert installation and maintenance services that will ensure your outdoor spa’s long-term usability.

Make the Most of Your Outdoor Living Spaces This Winter

Now that you know how to enjoy your outdoor living spaces even in the winter months, all that’s left is to start planning! 

Our backyard designers are experts at creating stunning oases that are enjoyable all year long. If you need help getting started, drop us a message and let us know how we can help. In no time, you’ll be enjoying bonfires with friends or quiet moments outdoors surrounded by natural beauty – without fear of the harsh winter chill!