In the past 2 years, many people revaluated their homes and backyards as they were spending more time at home due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Garden design, in particular, grew in popularity as they are affordable outdoor upgrades that almost anyone could implement. This demand for at-home outdoor living has led to new landscape design trends in 2021 that transform our backyards into outdoor living extensions of your home. Here at Hyland Landscapes in Vancouver, our expert staff work to create the backyards of your dreams. If you are starting to plan your backyard design, take a look at our list of the top landscape design trends for 2021 as inspiration. 


Outdoor Kitchens  

One way to really commit to the idea of outdoor living is by building an outdoor kitchen. This will allow you to cook, entertain, and socialize while enjoying the good weather. The trend focuses on building cooking areas outdoors and complimenting them using lighting options and décor that would also fit indoors. An outdoor kitchen would include built-in kitchen appliances, countertops, and a sink, allowing you to socialize & entertain easily in your own backyard. Most outdoor kitchens are built on top of decks and can be personalized for your individual needs. Outdoor kitchens can be open-air or covered to provide some shelter. Dining areas within a pergola can be decorated beautifully for special occasions. 

Outdoor Living Areas

As well as creating our own outdoor kitchen, you may want to consider creating other spaces in your backyard to suit your family’s needs. Not only is this additional space a great benefit during the pandemic, but you can also make use of it for years to come. Creating zones in your backyard that serve a specific purpose means that you have a designated space to relax, or spend time with friends. Some great ideas for outdoor living areas include a relaxation zone – located in a quiet or sunny part of your backyard. Adding comfortable furniture and decor to this area will give you a space to escape too when you need a break.

Another great idea for outdoor living is to create a specific space in your backyard for your kids to play and socialize with their friends, this could include kid-friendly furniture, playsets, and toys or activities for them to engage with. 

A landscape design expert will be able to zone your backyard into different sections that each have a purpose. Some areas can be for family time, while others can be sectioned off for adult socializing with your friends and family. Some outdoor living spaces include custom-built bars for entertaining or a fire pit as a centrepiece for socializing. You can even think about creating an outdoor office – a much better working environment than being stuck indoors. If you are living in the Vancouver area, Hyland Landscapes, we can work with you to help design an outdoor living area. We are experts in breaking your backyard up with decking, paving, and furniture, creating separate areas that complement each other. 

Give Yourself Some Shade

While the outdoor living trend is here to stay, it is important to also create some shade in your backyard to make sure that you can cool down during the summer months when things are a little too hot. A great way to do this is by incorporating a pergola into your landscape design, as this adds vertical interest to your outdoor space. A pergola is a versatile structure as it can stand alone during the winter but can have material attached to it during the summer months to provide some shade. 


So What Should You Choose?

The top landscape design trends for 2021, focus on outdoor living – extending the space that you have into your backyard. If you are located in or around Vancouver, Hyland Landscapes would love to collaborate with you in designing your perfect outdoor space – combining your ideas with our expert’s knowledge. What are you waiting for? Give us a call today to transform your backyard.