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Live Your Best Life Outdoors

Imagine a space where you can work, play, and connect with friends. Hyland Landscapes can help bring that into life—with an extra touch of artistry that you can’t find anywhere else.

We are a landscaping design-build company in Vancouver and the surrounding areas. We’re here to work with you, your vision, your ideas, and your lifestyle. Together we can create a beautiful outdoor space that fits perfectly into the architecture of your home or business.

Why Work With Us?

Designs Tailored To Your Needs, Structures Made To Last A Lifetime

Our Design Philosophy

Landscapes are functional, sustainable works of art—and as such, they need to reflect your personality and the things that matter most to you. Whether you’re looking for a retreat that allows your family to connect outdoors or a playground where kids can play safely, our designers will work closely with you through the entire process: from initial concept sketches to the final landscape design plan, and everything in between.

Our Build Philosophy

We are experts in creating outdoor spaces that feel like extensions of your indoor living space. Our commitment to the construction of every project starts with choosing quality materials—and ends with an outdoor space that is built to last a lifetime.

Our Maintenance Philosophy

Landscaping maintenance in Vancouver can be a hassle—but it shouldn’t have to be. That’s why we offer ongoing maintenance plans so you can keep your outdoor space looking its best all year round. We want you to rest easy knowing the beauty of nature will always be on full display, regardless of the season.

Our Services

Delivering Award-Winning Results And Unparalleled Experiences

Everyone deserves their own beautiful outdoor oasis, no matter the size or complexity. We pride ourselves not just on providing it to our clients but executing their design with an efficiency that leaves them happy throughout completion of the work.

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Custom Outdoor Living Design-Build

Let your vision of a perfect outdoor getaway be a reality. Whether you’re looking for an intimate backyard space or a more dramatic landscape, we’ve got it all and can turn any idea into something amazing.

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Landscaping Design-Build

We value the things that you value. Let our team of architects, builders, and designers work with you to create an exceptional space that reflects your style and all the things that you enjoy doing.

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Landscape Maintenance

Changing seasons are inevitable, but we don’t want that to stop you from enjoying the beauty right outside! We offer a variety of maintenance plans so you can rest easy knowing your outdoor space will always look its best.

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Landscaping News

Want to learn what the latest trends and developments are in landscaping? Take a peek at our blog

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Some Of Our Work

Want to learn what the latest trends and developments are in landscaping? Take a peek at our blog

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Are You Ready To Take Your Property To The Next Level?

If you need a reliable landscaping company in Vancouver to build your outdoor structures and spruce up your outdoor space, get in touch with us for a free consultation with one of our experienced designers. Call us at (778) 957-7222 or fill out our contact form here.


Are there landscaping companies in Vancouver?2022-06-01T06:10:50+00:00

Yes, there are several landscaping companies in the area. You can run a Google search to find the best company that suits your needs and priorities. Asking a referral from neighbors or friends might also help simplify the process. Hyland Landscapes is one of the trusted names in this industry.

What are some common landscaping services?2022-06-01T06:23:38+00:00

Each property is unique, and the services required will depend on the size of your lot, the type of plants and trees you have, and the vision you have for your landscape. That said, some of the most common services that landscaping companies offer include design-build and maintenance. With the team at Hyland Landscapes, you can take advantage of gardening services, snow and ice management, and custom outdoor design-build services, among others.

Is landscaping worth it in Vancouver?2022-06-01T06:23:52+00:00

Yes, landscaping is definitely worth it if you are living in Vancouver. Many people find that landscaping can increase the value of their home, make their outdoor space more enjoyable to spend time in, and create a sense of pride in ownership.

Why should you get landscaping services?2022-06-01T06:24:07+00:00

Some people choose to get landscaping services because they want to increase the value of their home, while others do it for the enjoyment of having a beautiful outdoor space to relax in. No matter what your reasons are, getting professional landscaping services can help you achieve the look and feel you want for your home.

Does landscaping increase the value of your property?2022-06-01T06:24:21+00:00

Yes, if you want to increase your curb appeal, landscaping can certainly make it more attractive to potential buyers. However, it’s important to note that not all landscaping projects will increase the value of your home equally. For example, a high-end landscape design with mature trees and shrubs is likely to have a greater impact than lower-cost alternatives.

What are the most popular landscaping projects in the area?2022-06-01T06:24:37+00:00

With the vast array of possibilities, it’s hard to choose just a few, but some of the most popular landscaping projects include installing structures such as decks, patios, and walkways. With the changing seasons, many people also enjoy adding seasonal elements to their landscaping, such as planting annual flowers in the spring and summer and adding fire pits or outdoor lighting for the fall and winter.

What should you consider when searching for a landscaping contractor?2022-06-01T06:32:44+00:00

As with any home improvement project, it’s important to do your research before hiring a contractor. Be sure to get multiple quotes, read reviews, and ask for references. It’s also a good idea to have a clear idea of what you want before meeting with potential contractors, as this will make it easier to find someone who is a good fit for your project.

What are the benefits of hiring a landscaping company?2022-06-01T06:26:56+00:00

There are many benefits of hiring a landscaping company, including having access to their knowledge and expertise, having someone to handle the heavy lifting, and enjoying the peace of mind that comes with knowing your project is in good hands.

What is the difference between a landscaping architect and a landscaping contractor?2022-06-01T06:27:13+00:00

A landscaping architect is someone who designs landscapes, while a landscaping contractor is someone who builds them. A landscape architect will usually create a plan for your project, which the contractor will then carry out. With Hyland Landscapes, you can work with our team of designers and contractors to get the best of both worlds.

What is the first thing you should do when starting a landscaping project?2022-06-01T06:27:26+00:00

The first step in any landscaping project is to develop a plan. This will help you determine what you want your landscape to look like, what type of materials and plants you’ll need, and how you want to use your outdoor space. A clear vision for your project will make the entire process much easier and more enjoyable. If you’re not sure where to start, our team of creatives and professionals can help you develop a plan that meets your needs and unique style.

What are some typical landscaping maintenance services?2022-06-01T06:27:38+00:00

Landscaping maintenance services can include lawn care, tree and shrub care, irrigation system maintenance, and more. Basically, anything that needs to be done on a regular basis to keep your landscape looking its best can be considered part of maintenance.

Is maintenance an important aspect of landscaping?2022-06-01T06:32:02+00:00

Yes, a well-maintained landscape will last longer and look better than one that isn’t cared for. Plus, regular maintenance can help prevent problems before they start, which can save you trouble in the long run.

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